Snowboard School & Camps in Baqueira

Enjoy snowboarding in Baqueira – Beret with us!

  • Snowboard School & Camps in Baqueira

    Enjoy snowboarding in Baqueira – Beret with us!


Why should you choose us?

You have a lot of reasons why


We have been into snowboard coaching for the last 20 years, the last 14 ones building Landing Snowboard. We have developed a methodology to make you improve faster and safer. All our teachers are certified.


Our team lives for snowboarding. We are riders even before teachers and we work hard every day to improve our snowboard skills and live new mountain experiences. So we can transmit them to you!


Landing Snowboard is a snowboard school. We don’t believe in offering also ski lessons because we are snowboarders. Our team knows what is snowboarding about, promise!

What do our clients say?

Clients are always right

Booking process was easy and effective. Our Splitboarding coach was Javier, great mountain expert and snowboard lover. He transmitted us the values and techniques of splitboarding with both closeness and professionalism. A journey full of laughs and learnings that we’ll definitely repeat with Landing Snowboard. See you soon!

An amazing school! Booking process fast and effective. A great relational and they really adapt their selves to clients’ needs. My teacher was Ramiro and he helped me a lot, a true snowboarding expert. We’ll repeat when we’ll come back to Baqueira without any doubt!

A couple of years ago Landing Snowboard got me and mi family, with three kids of 6, 8 & 10 years, into snowboarding. They taught us not only the technique but also the beauty of Baqueira – Beret. The team of Landing Snowboard makes the difference, learning & enjoying is all one.

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