Frecuented Asked Questions


How do I know my snowboard level?

In the booking process, we ask you about your snowboard level in order to prepare the activity in the best way. We have 5 levels:

Level 1 – Beginner: I have never done snowboard or very few times or I want to start again. We will start with the basics and we will ensure you get the confindence to start enjoying.

Level 2 – Beginner: You keep your balance on the board, you skid on both edges, you do some turns  but you have problems to chain them.

Level 3 – Intermediate: You can chain turns with control and balance in blue splopes and sometimes in red slopes. You want to improve your technique, flowing more and you would like to try off-piste terrain.

Level 4 – Advanced: You are a good rider capable of riding with control in any kind of snow and slopes, you can do some freestyle tricks and you understand the basic elements of snowboard.

Level 5 – Expert: You’ve got experience, you know your limits and what you want. A custom training can be what you are missing to push your limits.

Where is the receipt for my booking?

When the booking process is done, you will receive an email with the receipt of the order, some indications for the activity and the number of the booking. This is the number you can use to cancel your booking or to contact us if you have any doubt about the activity.

Can I cancel my booking?

Sure, you can always cancel your booking. Please, read our Purchase Conditions or the ‘Conditions’ space in each activity to know the limits to obtain a 100% refund.

Any other doubts?

Please, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you!


What is the minimum age for kids to learn snowboard?

Kids can start snowboarding from 3 y.o. It’s very important that it’s them who want to give snowboard a try. In our Club, we have kids from 6 – 16 y.o. so if your son/daughter is younger, we recommend you to book private lessons.

Which equipment do I need for my activity?

In each page of the web, we specify the equipment is compulsory or recommended for that concrete activity. You will also receive it in your confirmation email. If you have any doubt, please, get in touch with us.

Is it compulsory to use helmet?

Helmet is compulsory for the attendants of less than 18 y.o. coming to any of our activities and also for adults when booking off-piste activities.

Do you have any insurance for the activities?

All of our activities are covered by a participants’ insurance and a civil responsibility insurance. Heliboarding is covered by the insurance of the heliboarding company we partner with.

We focus all our efforts in providing a safe and fun experience while you learn but snowboarding is a risk activity so the possibility of getting injured always exists. Check our Purchase Conditions to know more about this.

What if the day of my activity there is bad weather?

Bad weather is really linked to our sport – if no, we wouldn’t have snow to ride on! So, in general, except risky conditions of the terrain or no visibility in off-piste activities and closing of all the resort or all the snowpark for the rest of activities, bad weather is no a stopper to do the activity. If you want to cancel your activity due to bad weather, you will have to do it respecting the anticipation settled for each activity to obtain 100% refund (check Purchase Conditions or ‘Conditions’ part of every activity)

Can the activity I’ve booked be cancelled?

Activities can be cancelled because of three reasons:

  • That we consider that the activity represents a risk due to the meteorological conditions (visibility, risk of avalanches, etc.)
  • That all the ski resort or all the snowpark is closed – for snowboard & freestyle lessons
  • That we didn’t reach the minimum number of participants in group activities.

In any of the cases, we will inform you asap and we will give you other date to do the activity or provide a 100% refund.

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