Who we are

Snowboard passion

Since 2004

In Landing Snowboard we are a team of passionate snowboarders and mountain lovers. Our Landing Snowboard adventure starts in 2004, between French Alps and Aran Valley but our career in snowboarding and its coaching starts even before!

During all these years, we have been pro riders, snowboard teachers, instructors of snowboard teachers, coaches of high performance teams, team managers of several brands and we have always tried to contribute to the development and promotion of snowboarding in the Pyrenees. We’ve already told you, snowboarding is our live!

Here you can have a look at some old school
Landing Snowboard videos:

It’s in our DNA

Lots of great things have happened in all these years and one of our favorites is always the joy of a good snowboarding day with friends or clients. Those days where you end exhausted but that you have been ripping the mountain like a child.

That’s why we focus in offering you different options so you can enjoy snowboarding while improving your skills. From private lessons to freeride, freestyle or splitboard camps, our objective is that you end the journey with a great smile and you always remember the great snowboarding session we shared.

Landing Snowboard Director: Javi Guimont.

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