Summer Snowboard Camp in Cervinia

  • Summer Snowboard Camp in Cervinia


This summer we propose a great plan for the riders of the Landing Snowboard Club: we are going to train freestyle in the summer snowpark of Zermatt / Cervinia – Plateau Rosa!

At 3,480 meters on the Theodul Glacier, the Zermatt / Cervinia summer snowpark is one of the highest in the Alps and, thanks to this spring’s snowfall and cool temperatures, currently offers very good snow conditions, considerably better than those of last year.

Freestylers can expect creative setups at this snowpark including kickers and rails for all levels. The unique views around the Matterhorn are an added incentive, making Plateau Rosa a stunning location.

At Landing Snowboard we always like to offer the best for our riders and, taking into account the limitations of Les Deux Alpes glacier this summer, we believe that Cervinia is the best plan for this summer! :)

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Our Staff

Our trainers are experts in freestyle and teaching, and highly motivated, the progression of the attendees is assured! The team is completed by David, our favorite cook!

Javi Guimont

With more than 25 years of snowboarding behind him, Javi is Landing Snowboard’s Technical Director and Club Coordinator. A professional rider for over 15 years, he is passionate about teaching snowboarding, technique and style.

He will be the first coach of this Camp and the Coordinator of the trip.

Lukas Rodríguez

Lukas is another snowboarder to keep an eye on. He has participated in the European Youth Olympic Festival in Bosnia, he is 2 times Champion of Spain, he has won some events of the Freeride Junior Tour and FIS championships, among others. This 22/23 season, he won both the Vans Masters of Style at El Tarter and the Freenight Session at Port Ainé.

Winter coach at the Ribagorza de Cerler club, member of the Salomon team for 12 years and son of Arturo Rodríguez, a Landing Snowboard teacher in the beginning, Lukas has been part of the Landing family since he was born.

He will come with a lot of desire to transmit all the freestyle that he has inside, which is a lot!

David Esplugues

David will be our cook. David is a snowboarder who loves to freestyle and also works as a cook when he’s not on the board.

Nutrition is key to giving everything on the glacier, which is why, together with David, we will make sure to create a balanced and energetic menu that contributes to the good development of the riders.

How will our day to day be

We explore a spectacular new enclave in the Alps: Welcome to Cervinia!


7:00 a.m. We wake up

7:15 a.m. Breakfast in the chalet

8:15 a.m. We leave for the glacier

9:00 a.m. Arrival at the glacier and warm-up

9:15 a.m. Freestyle in the snowpark

1:00 p.m. Pic – nic in the snowpark and return to the chalet

2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Showers and rest in the chalet

4:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Stretching and afternoon activities: Skatepark, Summer Luge, Video – correction.

7:00 p.m. Preparation of dinner and picnic for the next day

8:00 p.m. Dinner

10:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. Go to sleep

*Saturday 07/22 active rest (no snowboarding)


If you want to come, confirm as soon as possible… we only have 12 spots!


From Saturday 15/07 to Saturday 29/07 (two weeks)


Born after 10/31/2007: €1820 / person
Born after 10/31/2005: €1,950 / person (difference due to the price of the skipass)
Optional: Accident insurance for non-federated members – price to be confirmed, €45/person approx.

Spit payments in up to 3 installments!

1st installment 25% – until 06/15
2nd installment 25% – until 06/30
3rd installment 50% – until 07/15

If you need more installments, write to us and we will find the best solution!

*Places limited to 12 participants.

** Necessary minimum number of participants for the activity to start: 8.


Freestyle training in groups of maximum 7 riders
24-hour adult supervision
Ski pass for 12 days of training
Accommodation in double or triple rooms
Full board
Afternoon activities
Cancellation insurance of 100% of the amount of the trip (included) if the trip could not be made for reasons related to the organization or the ski resort. Does not include cancellation due to situations related to the participant or their relatives.


Participant insurance: mandatory to attend but optional to contract it with us. Not necessary for federated since it is already included in the federative license.

Does not include:

The trip: look at the next section to see our proposal
Pocket money (small amount of money to buy some ice cream in the afternoon, souvenirs, etc.).


We we’ll be arriving with a group to Milan Malpensa airport from Barcelona airport. You can join us at the same time at Milan Malpensa airport to take a transfer with us to Cervinia.

Breuil – Cervinia is located 170 km from Milan – Malpensa airport. We will arrive on Saturday 07/15 to Milan with a group of riders from Barcelona. You can send your riders with a flight to Milan that arrives at a similar time to ours and we will take care of picking him up and making the journey together to Cervinia by private transfer.

The approximate costs of this transport option are €100 round trip (to be confirmed once we know how many attendees opt for this transport option). We recommend taking flights with cancellation insurance.

Another transportation option is for each family to organize to drop off and pick up their children/partners.


Insurance for participants is not included in the base price of the trip, but you can contract it additionally for €44/participant – price to be confirmed.

It is mandatory that all participants have accident insurance but you can hire it yourself if you prefer. It will not be necessary to take out additional insurance if you are a federated Mountaineering.

It is okay for children to bring a phone, we will use it as an emergency communication method on the slopes – if there is coverage – and they can use it to take photos and videos, but we will be strict about its use. At bedtime, the phones of all participants will be saved. We’ve come to have fun with our buddies and learn to snowboard, don’t waste it in front of the screen!

We recommend that parents call children at other times than at night, when children are tired, talking to their parents may cause a feeling of wanting to return home. Take advantage of another time of the day to call them, such as when the glacier is descending.

To those registered, we will send a detailed list of what the little ones have to put in the suitcase but, basically, have all the snowboarding material and clothes to be in the mountains in summer and to do activities such as skateboarding, excursions, etc. . Hot during the day and cool at night. Also have a sheet, bag and towel.

Valid DNI or Passport, European Health Card, declaration of travel authorization for minors signed by the guardian/s.

We recommend that children do not bring cash to the summercamp, they have all expenses covered and they will be accompanied by adults at all times with cash for emergencies, but they can bring one debit or credit card per family unit, they can use it as pocket money. If you trust the spending that the child can make, a card is the best method to manage a small purchase or whim.

We know that choosing a summer camp is very important, especially for the little ones who may never have spent so much time away from home. Therefore, please do not hesitate to call us if you want to discuss anything.

You can contact us at +34626921036 or by writing to [email protected]

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